The Columbus Sculpture Panel commemorates the voyages of Columbus and the Jewish contribution that made the Voyages of Discovery possible.  It is also adorned with a small version of the Jerusalem Sphere in its center.  The artist, Frank Meisler said this about the Jerusalem Sphere:

“I have created Jerusalem in the form of a sphere, the city walls and gates and the buildings culminating with the Temple Mount. The concept derives from ancient maps showing Jerusalem as a circular city in the center of a flat world”. F.M.

The Columbus Sculpture Panel was hand crafted in 2005 out of silver, 24kt gold and pewter.  Only about 10 were ever created.  It stands 18.5″ h x 14′” w – from base to top.  Minus the base, it stands 17″ h x 10″ w.

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About the artist:

Frank Meisler was born in 1929 in Danzig.  At the age of 10, he left Danzig with 14 other Jewish children on the Kindertransport. The day Frank Meisler left Danzig, German soldiers had captured the city.  Days later, his parents were transported to Auschwitz, where they perished.  Frank Meisler never saw them again.

He was educated in England and graduated in Architecture at Manchester University. His home and studio are in the Artist’s Quarter of the Old City of Jaffa.  His sculptures in limited edition and individual works are often commissioned by Israel’s Prime Ministers, as well as the heads of state of other countries as presentation gifts for state occasions.

In addition to one-man exhibitions and public sculptures in many parts of the world, Meisler’s work is on permanent view in galleries in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, The Caribbean , Moscow and Kiev.  The artist has designed the interior of the first synagogue built in Moscow this century, and sculptures on the site of Russia’s National War Memorial.  His public sculptures have been erected in Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Miami, Santo Domingo, England, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Poland.  Frank Meisler’s autobiography “On the Vistula Facing East”, was first published in 1996 by Andre Deutsch, London and has been reprinted.

In 1999, the Czech Academy of Art awarded him the ‘Franz Kafka’ Gold Medal for Artistic Achievement.  In 2002, both the Russian and the Ukrainian Academies of Art elected him Honorary Academician.  In 2006 the sculpture group, “Children of the Kindertransport” was erected in Hope Square, Liverpool Street Station, London. He was awarded with the “Freedom of the City of London”.

Two additional sculpture groups commemorating the departure and journey of the Kindertransport were erected in Berlin and Gdansk in 2008 and 2009.”Trains to Life, Trains to Death” and “Kindertransport – the Departure”.  In December 2011 he unveiled a public sculpture in the port of Rotterdam, Holland “Channel Crossing to Life”.  In January 2012 Meisler was awarded the Order of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Meisler’s work is characterized by a sense of movement and revelation – “The opening and closing of the doors of life”. It is a synthesis both powerful and personal. Every sculpture beckons you to explore its magic.

Frank Meisler is the author of memorial complexes in Washington and Miami. He also decorated the complex at Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. The large collectors of his works are Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, late Hussein of Jordan, Luciano Pavarotti, Julio Iglesias, Jack Nicholson and many others. The works of Frank Meisler cannot be replicated. Many of them were specially made at the request of the government of different countries and are the priceless gifts to many head of the states and world leaders. Frank Meisler is an apparent leader in the world of sculpture.

The secret of his success is hidden in the flow of optimism that comes out of each of his works. Made from alloys of gold, bronze, aluminum, decorated with semiprecious gems the sculptures of Meisler are dynamic, full of life and sparkling, sophisticated humor. His works show eternal scenes of life opening the curtain on its hidden and secret parts.studied the architecture in the Manchester University in London. Since 1960 he has been working and living in Israel. His first serious work was made for the hotel “Sheraton” in Jerusalem (now this hotel is named King Solomon). This sculpture named “Jerusalem Sphere” made Frank Meisler famous all around the world. Nowadays the name Frank Meisler is recognized everywhere. He works mainly with special alloys of bronze, silver and gold. The works of Frank Meisler are mounted all around the world. For example, Columbus Sculpture Panel in Madrid, “Jerusalem Fountain” in Jerusalem, “Torah” in Mannheim (Germany), the fountain FREEWHEELER in Moscow. The Shakespeare Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon (England) is decorated with his sculptures.

The artists gallery information is below.  We are in no way affiliated with the Frank Meisler Gallery beyond owning this wonderful Columbus Sculpture Panel.

The Frank Meisler Gallery

25 Simtat Mazal Arie  Old City Jaffa, 61084

Tel: (+972)-3-512-3009

Email: CS@Frank-Meisler.com


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